Top 10 Reasons Not To Run (and my rebuttals)

1. I’m too out-of-shape.

Start slow. Reallllly slow if you have to. Want to know what you are NOT too out of shape to do? Die. And die from being out of shape.

Chubby me on the left; goofy me on the right, but fitter. Still goofy.

2. Running causes injuries.

Besides the fact that studies show how running builds up your muscles and joints, you know what else causes injuries? Bathing. Walking to the store. Driving to the store. Basically just existing. In fact, studies show that 99.9% of injuries happen while we are breathing. Should we stop that?

3. It’ll ruin my knees (joints, body, etc.)

The knee is an unbelievable marvel. It can handle just about anything you reasonably do to it. And if it can’t handle what you threw at it, chances are high it is not because running caused the problem. I ran 52 Marathons in 358 days in 2006. Fifteen years later, and over 36,000 more miles since then, my knees are just fine.

4. I don’t have enough time.

No one has time. You MAKE time. Even 15 minutes a day is better than nothing.

5. I’ve never been good at running.

Are you ever good at something immediately? Rarely. If you are, kudos. God forbid you have to work at something. Running is like everything else; if you run and take it slow, eventually you’ll get better at it.

6. The shoes cost too much.

Liposuction, funerals, angioplasty, and doctor’s visits are expensive, too.

7. I’m tired.

Exercise releases endorphins (making you feel happy) and it can help wake you up. I always feel more invigorated after a run. Want to know why it is harder to get out of bed after a LONG sleep? Because your body gets used to the rest. Run. Your body will get used to the exercise.

8. Running is hard work.

Yep. It can be. Suck it up. Life is hard. Get a helmet.

9. It’s too hot (or too cold.)

Then find the perfect air-conditioned temperature for yourself and run on a treadmill. Or wear more clothes outside. Or less clothes. Either way. Go do it.

10. It’s boring.

No more than trying to explain how much exercise and running can save your life. And if being in the fresh air, enjoying nature while reaping extra benefits of both a pleasant mind and healthy body are boring then I am surprised you got to number 10 on this list.

Ran 52 marathons in 52 weeks; Got banned from Twitter for calling out White Supremacists