Democrats are the party of the working class

It is clear after the past four years (if it wasn’t before) the Republican party in Congress holds absolutely ZERO higher ground when it comes to:

  1. being patriotic/caring about this country’s issues first;
  2. caring about our military personnel;
  3. caring about family morals/ethics;
  4. being fiscally conservative.

This doesn’t mean conservatives or people who call themselves Republican can’t care about those things. This says that for as long as I have been alive, the GOP has declared itself as the part of God, Family, the US, etc. Yet everything they have done in the past four years (at least) shows the absolute opposite of this. I could list infinite examples of this to prove I am right but…come on. You know I am. Who fought to give everyone a check during this pandemic and who gave the uber-rich eleventy billion in tax breaks?

Yet somehow they still pretend to be the “part of the working man” and to care about “true value and morals” and every other “Gee Willikers, we just trying to keep the farm running to feed them tree-hugging coast liberals” homespun drinking lemonade on the porch fable b.s.

The tables need to be turned. No longer can Democrats cede the false narrative that they are only for uppity intelligentsia in the big city. They must refuse to allow wrapping yourself in a flag to be a substitute for actually caring about the people that flag represents. They also need to stop pandering to “Midwest values” as if just because you live in a landlocked state you have some higher grasp of what is right or wrong.

Want to know what “living in bubble or “being in an echo chamber” actually is? It assuredly is NOT surrounding yourself with thousands of different people with different religions and different skin tones and different viewpoints on all sorts of things. It is assuredly spending your whole life in. in a town where you better ask who that cute girl’s pappy is because chances are she is your cousin.

This doesn’t mean that small town people’s views don’t matter. It means they don’t matter more than big city viewpoints, especially if there are millions more who believe that way.

I beg you, conservative friends and members of the GOP: the current GOP does not have a stranglehold on caring about the middle class or lower. They have shown it, empirically the past half decade at least. There is nothing wrong with being fooled. It happens to the best of us (and it happened to me for far too long.)

For yourself and your children and grandchildren: please rethink your previously held thoughts.

And Democrats running for office, help them do so.